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Steven Moreau - photo provided by Jessica Moreau Community Rallies as Young Boy Goes Missing During Routine Morning

In a startling turn of events, the tight knit community of Kellywood was shaken as Steven Moreau, aged 12, mysteriously disappeared during the morning of February 2nd, 1998. Steven, a bright and enthusiastic soccer player, was prepa...

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Blackouts - photo provided by nicostock Power Outages Raise Concern Across the Nation

The frequency of power outages are rising in communities creating unease among citizens nationwide. These outages are making everyday life difficult and raise doubts about America’s electrical infrastructure. In the recent weeks...

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Spectral Butterflies - photo provided by Riley Ingram Exploring the Paranormal: Can Science Validate the Existence of Ghosts?

The existence of ghosts has always captivated people's imagination. Though it's occasionally dismissed as the domain of superstition and folklore, new discoveries force a deeper look at the potential for spectral entities to dwell with the living. Is science able to explain the mysterious phenomenon of ghosts?

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